What you can expect

Whether it's Vinyasa Flow, Hatha, Dynamic, Restorative or purely Meditation, all classes will begin with a grounding moment in a restorative pose to draw awareness to the present through the breath.

Asana (physical postures) synchronised with harmonious and expansive breathwork.

Verbal and hands on adjustment to bring mindful attention to alignment. This is where Asana can be used therapeutically to retrain habitual postural quirks, relieve injury and safely explore your full potential.

Strengthening and lengthening. We are all working with different restrictions. To keep the body working happily and efficiently, we strengthen what is underworking and lengthen in areas of congestion. Often our most intrinsic muscles which lay closest to our skeleton and hold us in the safest alignment are overpowered by our extrinsic ones, obviously no muscle, organ or thought is an island so to keep our systems working in balance a holistic yoga practise will naturally target areas of weakness to nourish and nurture the mind and body.

Whether you're a complete beginner or an advanced yogi you will find appropriate challenge to remind us to be playful and keep exploring.

All sessions finish with a relaxation/meditation to draw your nervous system back to the parasympathetic (away from fight/flight to where the body regenerates) depending on the size of the group Joelle may use Thai Massage techniques to help ease any residing tension from the neck and shoulders.

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