Yoga Fusion Massage

Yoga Fusion Massage, combines Thai and oils-based deep tissue work on the back and shoulders to balance the effects of contemporary life. Designed to promote energy flow, ease and freedom of movement. As well as stimulation of the inherent self-healing and regenerating capacities of the body through improved circulation, range of movement, postural alignment and deep relaxation.

Techniques include applied yoga stretches, static compression, gentle rocking, acupressure and effleurage. Yoga Fusion Massage is a grounding and affirming experience, performed on a futon style mat on the floor for effective and safe transmission of the practitioner’s body weight to the client’s preferred pressure. Mainly applied through clothing, massage will follow the ‘sen lines’ (Thai energy channels with crossovers with Chinese and Western physiology) with the option of working with oils-based deep tissue techniques on the back and shoulders to effectively treat the contemporary urban dweller’s congestion areas.

Joelle has spent the majority of her life exploring and teaching bodywork disciplines; such as Contemporary Dance, Release Technique and Yoga, bringing this experience to her work as a Massage Therapist. With excellent knowledge of anatomy, physiology and biomechanics, combined with her understanding of the body as a living, breathing, changeable whole, she endeavours to create a deep harmonious flow of life energy through the bodily tissues and systems.

Through her continuing passion for kinesiology she hopes to nurture true embodiment where clients are relieved of held tensions and congestion, coming away with a tangible freedom of movement within mind and body.  

Please wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.


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