"I cannot recommend our Yoga Instructor, Joelle Green highly enough. Since she has started leading classes at Redburn, she has garnered a loyal following of practiced yogis and beginners and has had a really positive effect on our workforce’s wellbeing. Her professionalism is matched by her warmth and she is an asset as a visiting teacher."  Laura Hunt, Redburn

"Beautiful sequencing, wonderful use of language and intuitive adjustments. Joelle creates a welcoming space for her students of all abilities and offers individualised modifications." Rachel Skipper, Yoga Teacher

"Joelle has taught Vinyasa Flow and Meditation at my studio YogaLab since it opened in 2016. Her classes are always fully booked and she builds great relationships with clients, providing suitable challenges for beginners through to advanced. She guides practitioners mindfully, theming her classes, giving a strong focus to breath, safe alignment and strengthening the mind body relationship." Yasemin, YogaLab

"I really enjoyed my class with Joelle. I loved her slow vinyasa flow style. It felt dynamic yet gentle and luxurious. A gorgeous combination. Thank you Joelle." Carlie, MindBodyOnline 

"Joelle's classes are free flowing and filled with interesting information about anatomy. Explaining how every position should feel and how to adjust them, she provides structured and balanced classes to leave you feeling energised and stretched for the rest of the day." Lara, The Well Garden

"Amazing dynamic class, great teacher who takes time to correct positions" Carolin, MindBodyOnline

“I absolutely love Joelle’s classes. They’re my favourite by a mile. Clear and kind instruction, always challenging but feels like I’m really treating myself too.” MBO