Yoga and mindfulness in your workplace?

Yoga has been proven to improve productivity whilst reducing absences due to sickness and fatigue.

  • Energise and improve your ability to focus

  • Reduce stress & fatigue through relaxation

  • Promote mental wellbeing through mindfulness

  • Improve strength & flexibility, gaining a better posture and body alignment.

  • Boost circulation to support the bodies inherent self healing and regenerating capacities

  • Release endorphins!

"I cannot recommend our Yoga Instructor, Joelle Green highly enough. Since she has started leading classes at Redburn, she has garnered a loyal following of practiced yogis and beginners and has had a really positive effect on our workforce’s wellbeing. Her professionalism is matched by her warmth and she is an asset as a visiting teacher."    Laura Hunt, Redburn

Joelle is an advanced teacher having trained with Yoga Alliance for over 500 hours, she has taught in Corporate environments, Studios, Gyms and 1-1's since 2011.
Depending on the time and space you have available for a session, Joelle can teach in a dedicated fitness space or Chair yoga and Mindfulness for practitioner's convenience.

For pricing and further information,
please get in touch.