2015      Dancer, Hidden Fields, Gordon Craig Theatre, Stevenage.

              Featured Synth (Synthetic Human) Humans, AMC and Channel 4.

2014      Woman giving birth, Call the midwife, Episode 1, Season 4, BBC.

              The female Hasselhoff, Hoff the Record, Dave UKTV.

              Police receptionist, Fortitude, Sky Atlantic.

              "The Dreaming Dead" dance film choreographed by Katarzyna Witek and directed by Alex Morley for award-winning composer Elliot Galvin Trio.

              SILVER FACE, choreographed by  Mary Hurrell, Outpost Gallery, Norwich and Carlos/Ishikawa, Mile End.

              Carnival dancer for music video "Flow" by Lokate.

              "The Story of the Moon" Pop up Circus, Richmix.

2013       Woman having affair, Sherlock, BBC.

               Nessa's Receptionist, The Honourable Woman, BBC.

               “Off The Page” Translating Apollinaire into Lea Anderson’s Choreography,

              Marquez and Zangs Free Word Centre.

              The Weirdy Beardies, Mary Eddowes, Mintfest.

              Trumpet Creepers at The Albert.

              "Maoz Tzur" Dance film choreographed by Katarzyna Witek Dance Company.

2012      Hollie Miller and Di Mainstone “The Whimsichord” The Barbican.

              Mary Hurrell "Coda" Immersive Dance Performance at Bold Tendencies (Sadler’s Wells

              weekend) and Carlos/Ishikawa Gallery, Mile end.

              “Bouncy Balls of Meat” The Arch of Starch, Secret Garden Party.

              Katarzyna Witek Dance Company, Pop up circus and films.

              A Soldier’s Tale, Katarzyna Witek, Royal Academy of Music.

              Brackles “Chasing Crazy” music video.

2011       Vinicius Salles (Punch Drunk) “What’s your point?” Dance


               Bottlefed “Far From Gravity” 14 site specific Contemporary/Tango

               improvisational performances around London.

               Mary Hurrell MA Art installation RCA.

               Jennifer Essex, “Traveller and Unraveller.”

2010       Verve 10. Choreographers: David Zambrano, Laïla Diallo, Luis lara Malvacias, Kathinka Walter and Michael Schumacher.

               Roberta Jean “Framed”.

               Darkin Ensemble “DisGo”.

2009       Henrietta Hale “The forest” and works by: Elisabeth Connor, Isabelle Cressy 

               and Heather Leyshon.

2008       Kwesi Johnson “As you wish”

               John Coombes “Trapezius” shown at international film festivals.

2007       Gavin Coward and Katryn Jackson- Ballet Lorent “H.A.H.O. H.A.L.O”

               Student Showcases at N.S.C.D.

2006       Many pieces within Momentum Dance Company in residence at the Aerial 

                Centre Totnes.